What I’ll Be Posting Tomorrow

OK you guys are not in favor of me doing this. Listening to advice doesn’t come naturally for me but I’m going to make an exception and get a little bit of rest and sleep on this. Thank you.




9 thoughts on “What I’ll Be Posting Tomorrow

  1. Acting against the advice of your lawyer seems like acting out of fear, too — the fear that strangers will form a bad opinion of you. I’m a stranger, too, so I don’t know your motivation, but I doubt anyone but JAlba’ s most devoted fans are on her side. The rest of us can see through VS. It’s our collective superpower.

  2. Have you signed any type of agreement with them? It doesn’t sound like you ever have so I’m not sure what legal trouble you could get in.

  3. Keep in mind, lawyers say no to everything. I’m not a big fan of lawyers or their overpriced “advice”.

  4. You have behaved with grace and integrity throughout. Nothing you do or don’t do now is going to change that. I loved reading the exchange between you and your therapist. I’ve been there before and while it’s hell now, you’re going to gain so much personal freedom from this experience. You will soon learn to say, “What you think of me is none of my business–” it’s about recognizing that untrue criticisms aren’t about YOU. You’re doing a terrific job. You’re brilliant and hilarious and you have behaved with DIGNITY. Good job! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. This is difficult advice to take, but I’ve always said and tried to live by this:
    “Don’t let a jerk make you a jerk. Then the jerks win.”

  6. What you’re going through now just breaks my heart. But you are a strong woman and you have many people praying for you and sending you positive vibes. Don’t compromise your values and integrity and don’t let them get you down.

  7. Here is a copy of an email that I just sent to The Honest Company.
    I read your ‘timeline’ of events and rarely get involved, but this whole thing is so ridiculous.
    Good luck
    RE: Denise, Welcome to The Honest Company!โ€
    Denise B2:07 PM To: Honest Support
    Denise BEdit profile details
    From: Denise B (dbeardmore@outlook.com)
    Sent: August-01-13 2:07:27 PM
    To: Honest Support (reply-fef91374716700-519_html-28217106-7001754-6406@email-honest.com)

    I only wanted to joint so that I could express my disgust at the Honest Company and Jessica Alba, for the treatment of the blogger of The Honest Toddler.

    Shame on you, Honest Company! Stop this stupid lawsuit and back the heck off of one the most entertaining and harmless bloggers known.

    Your attempts to financially disable this woman, and your public attempts to discredit her are so incredibly insensitive and just plain wrong!

    Denise Beardmore

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