Age 33 female with children.



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  1. Loved your 100 steps for putting a toddler to bed. I think every parent should have a copy on his/her fridge! Thank you!

  2. Hi!

    I am speaking at a La Leche League conference in St Louis in a couple weeks on ‘How to build your village: Getting the help you need with young children” I wanted to know how we can get permission to handout your beautiful article ‘I miss the Village’ or have a dramatic reading of it? Thanks

  3. I read your book in one sitting. Sheer and utter brilliance! I laughed so hard I cried and woke up the dog when I got the Games For Tired Parents. Congrats to YOU!

  4. Hi Bunmi! I really hope this doesn’t come across as a sales pitch because that’s totally not where I’m coming from. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for the last several years, especially after the birth of my first child. I didn’t know at the time that I had postpartum depression, but I know that now. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Plexus, but it’s a health and wellness company. The combo I take focuses on regulating blood sugar, reducing inflammation in the body, and improving gut health. Since starting on the products in November, I have seen a HUGE difference in my mood. Anxiety and depression are strongly linked to gut health which is why the products help in this area. Might be worth a shot for you to look into! Just coming from someone who understands the struggle.

    And by the way, you are hilarious! Your book is one of my very favorites ☺️

  5. My Twitter and FB skills are suspect, so I am stoping by for an eCup of Coffee. I was lamenting about being different and missing my sister. She sent me your post from your conversation at the MAC counter. I was wondering how God mad you my twin sister and we never met.

    I’m a writer too. I look “normal” but struggle with “different” everyday. Let’s meet for coffee.

  6. Hi Bummi, I hope you take Elisa up on that “eCup of Coffee”. I had just discovered your writing when my sister beeped in and we whined over our eCoffee about not being virtual, while I was reading your article. Before I had finished the article I had to sent her the link and told her you must be our sister. All the traits are there, including whine perhaps with coffee. Hope you take her up on the offer.

  7. Hi, had the opportunity to read some posts here.These are so well written and we can relate to these as if these were our own stories. We’d love for you to publish and be a part of India’s top parenting platform too. Kindly write to us at shavet.jain@mycity4kids.com to explore opportunities here.

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